We are the platform for Dynamic Judgement-formation®. Our core business is the training of professionals.

Dynamic Judgement-formation® is a tool to strengthen one’s judgement, in order to deal with daily problems and challenges in a conscious and efficient way. Asking the right questions is crucial here.

Dynamic Judgement-formation® works! It strengthens the dialogue between people and contributes to the presence of mind. This is evident not only from the results, but also from the enthusiasm with which our trainers, coaches and advisers work with it every day.

Curious? For a small question or a real dialogue, please contact us.

On May 15, 2024 it will be exactly 50 years ago that Lex Bos defended his thesis ‘Judgment formation in groups, polarity and rhythm as key to development of social organisms’. To this day this is the basic work under all our activities. That is why we want to dwell on it, deepen it and celebrate it together!

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May 15, 2024, 13:30 – 17:00, Antropia Driebergen.
(Dutch spoken)