Getting started in the network:

The purpose of this new network site is to provide a platform for everyone in the world who works with Dynamic Judgment, is interested and wants to get in touch with others about it.

In doing so, we are fulfilling the foundation’s mission to build a network to connect people who also want to work in this way towards a world with a human dimension and a human face (Lex Bos).

  • Register via the ‘Register‘ button at the top right of the page or via the button in the mobile screen.
  • Once you are logged in, you can navigate to all possibilities via the menu that appears under your name.
  • Via the Dialoog-logo you will get to the overview of the activities of the members.
  • Via ‘Members‘ you can see all members. When you click on a name you have the possibility to choose to send a ‘Public message’ or a ‘Private message’.
  • Via ‘Groups‘ you can apply for membership of various groups. Be sure to join the public group ‘Network’ to exchange experiences, insights or questions.
  • Under ‘Events‘ you will find the various activities!

Look around and for a small question or a real Dialogue contact us.